What kinds of creative design services do you provide?

We provide a full range of creative services for web, video, print, and other media. No project is too large or too small for consideration. Should MADTech not be able to meet your needs, we are happy to refer you to other university organizations or local professionals.

MADTech provides services on a contract basis through the University Foundation. Typically, a CSU, Chico faculty or staff professional serves as the project director. Other professionals, both CSU, Chico and outside vendors, are tapped to provide required expertise. Students in the Department of Media Arts, Design, and Technology also work on projects under the supervision of the project director and other professional staff.

I am a CSU, Chico professor, staff member, or campus unit and I wish to use MADTech’s services. Where do I begin?

Click here for an overview of your options.

I am with a California state agency. How can I take advantage of your services?

Simply contact MADTech. Based on your needs, we can contract to complete projects on a fixed-bid or reimbursement basis.

How can I send you an RFP?

Please send your RFP directly to info@madtg.net.

Do you rent equipment?

We rent video production and post-production equipment to qualified professionals if usage is in conjunction with university-related productions. In addition, rental of equipment is limited to use that does not conflict with the needs of MADT students.

How are students involved in your media development teams?

Students are invited to serve on development teams based on their past performance in previous classes, projects, and on their current skill set.

Do you offer student interns?

If you would like an intern to work for you under the supervision of a media professional, the Department of Media Arts, Design, and Technology will advertise your internship to its students. Once an internship is established, you are responsible for supervision of the student’s work. A good way to find an intern is to notify MADTech management of the opportunity. Also contact the Career Center (530-898-5253) to advertise internships university-wide. Unfortunately, MADTech cannot offer access to equipment or campus facilities as part of an internship. If you would like access to production equipment or facilities, contact MADTech for an estimate.

Does MADTech offer students to develop media as part of their work for other classes?

MADTech is not affiliated with specific courses. If you are interested in having students in a specific course work on a project as one of their class activities, please contact the instructor teaching the course.

I am a student. How do I get involved in MADTech?

Please email us with a link to your resume and online portfolio. Be sure to include a description of your design and software skill set.

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