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Miranda Calderon comes to Chico State from Redwood City, CA, in the San Francisco Bay Area.

She is pursuing a double major, including a Bachelor's degree in Media Arts and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology.

Miranda’s Story

Miranda became interested in the Media Arts program because of the wide range of media-related skill development the department offers. She was also drawn to the program because of the hands-on production and web design experiences a student can obtain. She is expected to graduate in Spring 2024.

work samplesQuinn Winchell, Miranda’s instructor in a video production class, describes Miranda as a good-spirited individual who always has the best of intentions toward her fellow classmates. States Winchell, “On numerous occasions, I had the opportunity to witness her take charge of specific roles within a group production setting, as well as lend an astute, critical eye to film production techniques and theories during class discussions."

Miranda’s Plans

Miranda is hoping to work at a company like Google or Apple, preferably in the areas of design and marketing.

Words of Advice

"Find a good and healthy balance in everything you commit yourself to. Go at your own pace and don’t worry about how far along anybody else is in their journey — everybody’s looks different!”